combines live music and dance to produce gritty, dazzling, thematic onstage spectacles. Each show gathers a unique live band and cast of performers around a particular artist, genre, record label, cultural movement or period in history to explore the world within those boundaries, and its legacy for the world today.

RubyRico is the only company in Austin that focuses solely upon the combination of live music and dance. We've packed theaters and nightclubs since 2005 with shows that thrill audiences through their passion, humor and daring, as well as a deep knowledge and love of the subjects they feature. 

RubyRico's multitalented, multicultural funk crew, the 
Sugarfoot Hustlers, are always performing around Austin.
Keep an eye on our Facebook page for invites and details. 

If you'd like the Sugarfoot Hustlers to perform at your event, email us at

Photos of THE GOOD FOOT on New Year's Eve 2012 at The Historic Victory Grill, courtesy of Nick Jensen. 

Our original Good Foot poster showed up on the Austin American-Statesman's photo blog as part of Patrick Beach's tribute to gig posters. Photo by Jay Janner. Poster by Jaime Cervantes.

Photos of THE GOOD FOOT on New Year's Eve 2010 at The
Scoot Inn, courtesy of Deanna Deolloz.

Backstage and rehearsal photos courtesy of RubyRico's
THE GOOD FOOT set on Flickr


We have a long, loving history with
KOOP Radio, and we're honored to produce
KOOP's 20th Birthday Bash
on April 2 at The North Door!  

It's a heavy-hitter kind of night: 

Sets from favorite KOOP DJs like Jay Robillard from
The Lounge Show, Art Baker from Jamaican Gold,
and Miss Manners from Hip Hop Hooray.

John Erler from Master Pancake Theater
bringing all kinds of funny. 

And a juggernaut musical bill:
Two-time band of the year Riders Against the Storm,
and chock-fulla Grammy winners, Brownout!

Also, admission to the party gets you entered you
into a drawing for 3 pairs of tickets to see
Stevie Wonder perform "Songs in the Key of Life!"  

More info at or
Tickets at



Our own RICK "DADDY" McNULTY is hosting the
Austin Music Awards, along with his co-host,
 beloved RubyRico alumnus and fellow
deejay on KUTX 98.9FM, LAURIE GALLARDO. 

The awards ceremony begins at 7:30pm on
Weds, March 18 at the Austin Convention Center, keeping its tradition as the official kick-off for
the SXSW Music Conference.

The whole shebang is under new management
this year, so look for some tasty changes
and a whole lotta talent playing onstage.
Get more info here.

There will be a memorial for the
recently departed Ian MacLagan,
and ticket sales go to benefit
the SIMS Foundation.



Happy Year of the Horse! The Sugarfoot Hustlers are fixin' to get on that pony and ride!

We perform choreographed dances as well as warm up your crowd to the dance floor. If you'd like these fly & funky dancers to warm up your wedding or party this year, feel free to email us at, or call 512-961-9395.

XO - The Sugarfoot Hustlers


We had a ridiculous amount of fun performing BOHEMIAN RHAPSODY for The Alamo Drafthouse, Coco Coquette and The Zombie Ball in 2012.

Watch the video here.

We are now booking more big-haired insanity for 2013! Get in touch if you'd like some glam-rock, over-the-top awesomeness at your event this spring!


48 generous donors contributed over $2,000 to the IndieGogo fundraising campaign for Bohemian Rhapsody. 

See BOHEMIAN RHAPSODY photos here.

BOHEMIAN RHAPSODY is an outrageous 10-minute juggernaut combo of dance, lip-syncing drag & live music video, performed by 10 award-winning Austin dancers, actors, clowns queens and rockers wearing 18-century glam rock costumes by Amanda Martinez and work-of-art wigs by Allyson Garro of Coco Coquette. A spectacular RubyRico experience spouting all the pageantry, pathos, gender-mucking, depravity and bombast we can cram into it!


We had such a fabulous time ringing in the New Year's Eve 2012! The Sugarfoot Family All-Stars, the Sugarfoot Hustlers, Rick Daddy and DJ jLa want to thank Austin's historic VICTORY GRILL and our fantastic crowd for getting on THE GOOD FOOT with us!

Check out the gorgeous photos Nick Jensen took during THE GOOD FOOT NYE 2012.


RubyRico's own Ellen Stader had the immense pleasure of dancing with Jack Black in the recent Rick Linklater movie, BERNIE, a dark comedy set in small-town Texas which also stars Matthew McConaughey and the regal and terrifying Shirley Maclaine, along with dozens of beautifully cast Texan townspeople. 

(See the triumphant RubyRico film debut -- all .3 nanoseconds -- at :21 in the trailer above, and look for Ellen in the background of several other scenes throughout the movie.) Filming the 'Music Man' scene with more than 20 kids and grown dancers at the Gaslight Baker Theater in Lockhart was a total blast! 

And of course, it was the fulfillment of a longstanding dream to dance next to Jack Black -- a coordinated and natural mover, and also a total professional and seemingly a very sweet guy. Thanks to Linklater, JB, the other dancers and the whole crew for a great film experience.


In February 2012, RubyRico choreographer Ellen Stader had the opportunity to coach Ben Kweller on his moves for a video for his new album "Go Fly A Kite." Throwing ourselves around in his studio was fun; watching Ben walk around in green motion-capture pajamas was more fun! Thanks to Ben & Liz, and to Roka Music-Lask & Meredith DeLeon at Region-C for the great gig. 

2012 - SHOUT SPEC'S! 

In January 2012, Ellen's choreography and several of the Sugarfoot Hustlers appeared in a commercial for Spec's Liquors' 50th Anniversary! Many thanks go to Spec'sT-Bird and the Breaks (for the fine jingle), and Jeremy Sexton & Molly Humphrey at the Lee Tilford Agency.

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