RUBYRICO PRODUCTIONS is the only company in Austin focusing solely upon the combination of live music and dance.  We have been packing theaters and nightclubs alike since 2005 with shows that transform audiences through their passion, humor and daring, as well as a deep and visible knowledge and love of the material they feature. 

THE BROKEN CLOCK CABARET is a small-scale spectacular featuring dance, puppetry, and risqué vaudeville weirdness, utilizing the songs of Tom Waits & Kathleen Brennan, played live by the No Salvation Army Band

This is not a literal peepshow, but instead a privileged peek through the keyhole at the sin and salvation, the sweet nothings and sour grapes that make up the Tom Waits universe as we see it.

The Broken Clock Cabaret played to packed houses in Austin, Texas in 2005, 2006 and 2007, as well as a sold-out tour of the San Francisco Bay area in 2007.  Our most gracious thanks to everyone who shared in this beautiful little world gone by.

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 an incandescent evening of Memphis soul from the legendary Stax record label, played live at local legendary juke joint The Victory Grill by T-Bird and the Breaks, a young 10-piece band described by local press as "old souls bringing serious R&B heat."

A Memphis soul-food plate, a "Stax Fax" game show, and scintillating moves by RubyRico's fabulous team of dancers heat up the room to sweltering temperatures, while DJs spin more Stax between live sets.

This show nearly split the seams at Austin's historic Victory Grill in May 2008, and proceeds benefited the Stax Music Academy in Memphis.

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PRINCE NITE: EROTIC CITY COMES ALIVE is an inspired pairing of Austin's own foot-fetish funk fiends Foot Patrol with the rich and eclectic musical catalog of the one and only Prince.  

This sexy spectacle features songs from the entire spectrum of The Purple One's enduring career, further glorified with performances of RubyRico's dancers, turntable sets by DJ Mahealani, and some truly unusual onstage entertainment -- including a dancer's cage, a lovesexy bed, a spinning wheel of sin/suality, and much more.

While a hurricane brewed just to the south, Prince Nite filled The Scoot Inn in East Austin in September 2008 (and yes, it did start to rain during "Purple Rain").  The show was reprised for New Year's Eve 2008, when over 800 people rang in the new year with RubyRico, to the music of His Royal Badness. 

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RUBYRICO'S PEEPSHOW MAGNIFICO! reinvents the Parisian floor shows of the Roaring 20's for the modern age, featuring our own No Salvation Army Band playing inventive arrangements of classic songs by Cole Porter, Prince, The Rolling Stones, Queen, the White Stripes and many others. 

The RubyRico dancers take the audience on a wild choreographic ride -- from Bollywood to the bullring, from Russia to Buenos Aires -- with things further enlivened by a wide variety of acrobats, jugglers and magicians plus our beloved, lascivious MC in tow.

Magnifico! ran for the entire month of April 2009 at Austin's new favorite multi-media performance venue, The ND.

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THE GOOD FOOT: A LIVE FUNK MASH-UP is  a combination of electrifying live music show, virtuosic dance performance, audiovisual history lesson and full-on dance party, hosted by Rick "Daddy" McNulty of KUT and KOOP radio stations.

Featuring 12-piece funk orchestra The Sugarfoot Family All-Stars and red-hot dance squad The Sugarfoot Hustlers, as well as the deep-digging DJ Greg Most from A Soul Happening — and a Chinese-dragon-style effigy of George Clinton as The Atomic Dog, to boot! — RubyRico brought their freaky funk festival to over 800 people at The Scoot Inn on New Year's Eve 2010.


See video from THE GOOD FOOT NYE here.

BOHEMIAN RHAPSODY is an outrageous
10-minute juggernaut combo of dance,
lip-syncing drag & live music video, performed by 10 award-winning Austin dancers, actors, clowns queens and rockers wearing 
18th-century glam rock costumes by Amanda Martinez and work-of-art wigs by Allyson Garro of Coco Coquette

This tribute to the greatest rock opera
of all time is a spectacular RubyRico experience spouting all the pageantry, pathos, gender-mucking, depravity and bombast we can possibly cram into it!

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 See video from BOHEMIAN RHAPSODY here.

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