RUBYRICO's band and dancers are available, together or separately, to enliven your event, party or performance.  

Each group employs a rotating roster of artists whose talents encompass a wide range of genres, time periods and aesthetics. So whether your cabaret-themed private party needs one sultry dancer and a moaning horn, or your festival needs a blazing funk orchestra and a team of high-steppers, we've got you covered.


RubyRico's NO SALVATION ARMY BAND has performed several times with Austin's premiere burlesque troupe, KITTY KITTY BANG BANG, from special SXSW showings to the troupe's farewell show, Apocalypse Wow! in October 2008.

RUBYRICO's Peepshow dancers added sugar and spice to Ballet Austin's Fete*ish Fundraiser in 2009, along with chanteuse Mandy Lauderdale, the Brass Ovaries Pole Dancers, acro-balance team Popsy Purvy and other performers.

Read about The Fete*ish here.

PRINCE NITE: EROTIC CITY COMES ALIVE is an inspired pairing of Austin's own foot-fetish funk fiends Foot Patrol with the rich and eclectic musical catalog of the one and only Prince.  

This sexy spectacle features songs from the entire spectrum of The Purple One's enduring career, further glorified with performances of RubyRico's dancers, turntable sets by DJ Mahealani, and some truly unusual onstage entertainment -- including a dancer's cage, a lovesexy bed, a spinning wheel of sin/suality, and much more.

While a hurricane brewed just to the south, Prince Nite filled The Scoot Inn in East Austin in September 2008 (and yes, it did start to rain during "Purple Rain").  The show was reprised for New Year's Eve 2008, when over 800 people rang in the new year with RubyRico, to the music of His Royal Badness. 

RUBYRICO'S PEEPSHOW MAGNIFICO! reinvents the Parisian floor shows of the Roaring 20's for the modern age, featuring our own No Salvation Army Band playing inventive arrangements of classic songs by Cole Porter, Prince, The Rolling Stones, Queen, the White Stripes and many others. 

The RubyRico dancers take the audience on a wild choreographic ride -- from Bollywood to the bullring, from Russia to Buenos Aires -- with things further enlivened by a wide variety of acrobats, jugglers and magicians plus our beloved, lascivious MC in tow.

Magnifico! ran for the entire month of April 2009 at Austin's new favorite multi-media performance venue, The Independent (or is it the ND?).

Our sincere thanks to everyone who joined us at the U.S. Art Authority for our fundraiser. Proceeds
will go toward our New Year's Eve production of 


Imagine if Sly Stone hosted an episode of Soul Train, with special guests Curtis Mayfield, Parliament Funkadelic, Tina Turner, Stevie Wonder, and a red-hot squad of dancers ...
you might end up with something like THE GOOD FOOT: A LIVE FUNK MASH-UP.

A combination of electrifying live music show, virtuosic dance performance, audiovisual  history lesson and full-on dance party, The Good Foot is here to help you get up offa that thing, get in where you fit in, and then hit it and quit it.

Hosted by Rick "Daddy" McNulty of KUT and KOOP radio, and featuring an 8-piece band hand-picked from the city's funkiest combos, a deep-digging DJ from the Soul Happening crew, vintage-funk video projections by Proyector, a dream team of 8 mind-blowingly funky dancers, (plus a few totally outlandish surprises that we cannot yet divulge), The Good Foot stands to be the most spectacular RubyRico Production yet!  

We are excited to return to the scene of our previous glory, The Scoot Inn.  Those of you who rang in 2009 with us at PRINCE NITE: NEW YEAR'S EVE 2008 will remember the incredibly electric fun had by all.  This time around, expect all of that and more.


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