combines live music and dance to produce gritty, dazzling, thematic onstage spectacles. Each show gathers a unique live band and cast of performers around a particular artist, genre, record label, cultural movement or period in history to explore the particular world within those boundaries, and its legacy for the world today.

RubyRico is the only company in Austin, Texas, focusing solely upon the combination of live music and dance. We have packed theaters and nightclubs since 2005 with shows that thrill and transform audiences through their passion, humor and daring, as well as a deep and visible knowledge and love of the material they feature. 


RUBYRICO PRODUCTIONS sprang in 2005 from the combined talents of Austin choreographer Ellen Stader and music scholar Rick McNulty.

Rick "Daddy" McNulty is the knowledgeable and enthusiastic radio host of Left Of The Dial and Uptown Saturday Night on KUTX 98.9 FM. 

Ellen Stader performed with professional modern dance companies in Austin before presenting her own unusual, high-quality music and dance performances. A founding member of Austin's Kitty Kitty Bang Bang, she continues to choreograph for dancers, actors, singers, clowns, zombies, animals, and puppets throughout Austin's film and stage communities.

The first RubyRico show,
A Tom Waits Peepshow (later re-titled The Broken Clock Cabaret) sold out all of its Austin engagements during 2005, 2006 and 2007, also packing houses on it 2007 West coast tour.

In 2008 the company turned their talents toward producing musical tributes with local Austin bands, such as
Stax Nite: Stax, Wax and Live Trax with T-Bird and the Breaks, and Prince Nite: Erotic City Comes Alive with Foot Patrol. Each show filled its venue to overflowing with dancing, sweating, grinning crowds.

New Year's Eve 2010 brought a culmination of RubyRico's funk-and-soul club shows,
The Good Foot: A Live Funk Mash-Up — a live Soul Train for the new millenium, featuring 12-piece funk orchestra The Sugarfoot Family All-Stars, and 8-woman dance squad The Sugarfoot Hustlers.

fter packing in 800 revelers on New Year's Eve, RubyRico kept the party going right through Mardi Gras 2011 with The Good Foot: A Mardi Gras Funk Party — adding classic New Orleans funk to the original Good Foot set, as well as a boomin' brass band and a crew of Mardi Gras Indians.

Between bigger productions, the RubyRico team is constantly at work developing individual and collective projects for speaker, stage and screen; Rick continues to dominate the airwaves while Ellen has begun choreographing for TV and film. Meanwhile, RubyRico's funk squad The Sugarfoot Hustlers continues to perform in public events, festivals, TV commercials and music videos around Austin and the region.

Check out Rick's radio show and blog, Excavation Nation.

Read Ellen's interview with the Austin Daze.

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